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Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Miami Crime Simulator 3D, a unique third-person game set in the crime-ridden cities ❤️ of Miami and Vegas. As a heroic police officer, you are tasked with fighting the mafia and bringing peace to ❤️ the city. With the crime rate in Miami skyrocketing, gangs are fighting for control of the city's neighborhoods. In this ❤️ game, you are on the front lines, taking up arms and joining the fight against crime.

Experience a series of challenging ❤️ tasks, each designed to weaken the opposing camp. Whether you're shooting a handgun, machine gun, RPG, or driving a real ❤️ tank around Miami, Miami Crime Simulator 3D offers an adrenaline-pumping experience. Designed in the style of the best 3D shooters, ❤️ this game is sure to appeal to all fans of the genre.

Games like Miami Crime Simulator 3D

Grand Theft Auto V ❤️ : An open world game where players complete missions in a fictional city, similar to Miami Crime Simulator 3D.

Watch Dogs ❤️ 2 : A game that combines hacking and fighting in a city setting, offering an experience similar to Miami Crime ❤️ Simulator 3D.

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